Infinicity is a new breed of hybrid documentary and fantasy adventure about reawakening enchantment into our modern lives through the magic of synchronicity.

'Infinicity' goes on a journey taking us deep into a wonderland where the enigma of synchronicity is explored. What is this phenomenon? How can we use it? Is it the voice of the Universe? Is it trying to guide us somehow?

To consider that synchronicity may be more than just 'chance' or 'coincidence' is to consider that the Universe in which we live is very poorly understood by the current accepted scientific paradigm. While it is true that 'chance' can be used to explain all synchronous events, there are many times in everybody's life where the concept of 'probability' has to be beaten to within an inch of it's life to explain the mysterious workings around you. If you're prepared to stand up and take a look at the cracks in the wall, a lot can turn up on the other side.

If one can take a leap of faith and considers that synchronicity may be more than just chance then we can open ourselves to communication with the Universe around us. This communication is based on direct feedback, and when used correctly takes us to a place of greatly deepened connection, relationship and interaction with the Universe around us.

Ultimately 'Infinicity' seeks answers to offer suggestions on how not only to remember the magic, but to interact with it on a most fundamental level to enhance and enrich your life in a profound and meaningful way.